Rubber Cover for Milling Machine

Rubber Cover for Milling Machine/Rubber Chip Guard for Milling Machine/Rubber Bellow Cover for Milling Machine

We manufacture Rubber Bellow cover/Rubber Chip Guard for Milling Machine with following Dimensions:

A. Frontal Grooved Part:

  1. Unexpanded Length: 250mm
  2. Expanded Length: 625mm
  3. Width: 395mm

B. Rear Plane Sheet:

  1. Length: 810mm
  2. Width: 410mm

Duly supported with aluminum strips riveted on both upper and lower sides of the covers. Protects your Milling machine from metal chips which damage the guides of the machine.Best quality rubber which is oil and tear resistant has been used on both the parts.

Frontal Grooved Part

Frontal Grooved part & Rear Plane Sheet